The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

Every year comes Mother’s Day, and with it, I’m sure, a lot of mixed feelings.  Some people don’t have the best relationship with their mothers or may not even know who their mother is at all.  Others have wonderful, unbreakable relationships with their moms; talking everyday and sharing all the inner workings of their lives with one another.  Then there are us who may fall in the middle – we may not have the best relationship with our mothers, but we do have one, and that’s what matters.

When I was younger, I remember complaining about Mother’s Day.  Why did my mom get a special day and where was mine?  Sure, I had a birthday but so did she.  So why was she getting a special day all her own?  When I would ask her, she would tell me, “everyday is your day.”  I never understood this until having my own child and becoming a mother myself.  This year is my first Mother’s Day as a mom.  Last year, we celebrated by going to dinner 6 months pregnant but I still didn’t fully grasp the true meaning of the “holiday” aside from getting a nice dinner of my choice.

It’s not until recently that I’ve been learning the ins and outs of motherhood and all that comes a long with it.  Mother’s day is not just a day that is celebrating me and praising me and all mothers out there.  Mother’s day is a celebration of love; the recognition of the love between a mother and not only her children, but all of her family.   We see the way our mothers handled everything, and now we feel the constant pressure and stress of being stretched too far; of never having a quiet moment alone without someone kicking and screaming.  But with all of this, we continue through it.  Why?  Because even though we are tired, exhausted, worn down, and wishing so badly for just 30 minutes of peace, we as mothers have an exceptional, unbreakable love for our children and our families.

When my mother used to tell me that everyday was my day, she didn’t mean it in the same way that we celebrate mothers day, but meant it in the meaning it was truly made for.  Everyday for mothers is a celebration of the love they carry and express for their children.  Everyday, we’re sharing and rejoicing in that love and wanting more and more while at the same time thinking we couldn’t love our children anymore than we do now.

Even for the people in this world who may not have a relationship with their mothers or even know who their mother is, I can tell you that they were made out of love, and that I promise when their mothers first laid eyes on them, they fell deeply in love with all the life inside of that sweet little soul.  No matter where life has taken anyone’s relationship with their moms, I can guarantee you that it all goes back to love; for that is where we all came from, and where we all are going.

I hope everyone who reads this has a blessed mothers day full of the love that started you and has sustained you through your hardest days.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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