A Weekend Without My Bible

This past weekend, I left my car at work an hour away.  It’s a long story why but it basically involves  not wanting to sit in rush hour traffic without a carpool buddy.  This wasn’t any kind of inconvenience because my husband and I are blessed to have two cars but there was one huge problem, I left my Bible my car at work!  Andrew and I didn’t go back to get my car until Sunday evening so I had to go the entire weekend without having my Bible and boy did I learn a few things.

  1. Prayer time for me is almost impossible without my Bible.

Luckily, I just started memorizing scripture so I do have some (a very small amount) of the Word memorized that I can use in prayer.  It’s different though, to pray without being in scripture and truly soaking in and listening to what God is trying to tell you through His Word. I never realized exactly how much God speaks directly to me and my circumstances through His Word and the time I spend in Scripture.

2.  I understand the thirst

I’ve always heard people in and out of church and Bible Study talk about the thirst for God’s Word and how it satisfies us, but I never truly understood it.  I understood the concept but never grasped the true meaning of what everyone was talking about.  Being without my Bible for the entire weekend made me utterly parched.  I was antsy and on edge, and I knew what I was craving; the Word of God.  Sure, there are Bible apps out there for feee download but it’s not the same as holding and feeling my Bible.  With all its marks and notes and page markers, my Bible is mine and I know where in it God has spoken to me before.

3.  My faith is growing & God is present

Being new to the faith can be a bit overwhelming at times.  I see people with all different types of Bibles with different markers and endless notes and I often wonder if I’m studying the Word of God correctly.  This weekend proved to me that I sure am, with the help of God of course.  I saw that my Bible is familiar to me even though I’m still learning all about the Word.  It brings me comfort and I didn’t know just how much comfort until I didn’t have it for a few days.  It sounds silly to non believers but I felt so lost without it that I said those exact words to Andrew, “I feel so lost without my Bible.” When I got it back Sunday night, I dove right in to drink from the well and fed my soul with the pure, beautiful Words of God. I could tell just how much I am growing in my newly found faith already, and I thank God for showing me that, even if I did feel lost for a couple of days.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path – Psalm 119:105





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