A Weekend Without My Bible

This past weekend, I left my car at work an hour away.  It's a long story why but it basically involves  not wanting to sit in rush hour traffic without a carpool buddy.  This wasn't any kind of inconvenience because my husband and I are blessed to have two cars but there was one huge … Continue reading A Weekend Without My Bible


The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

Every year comes Mother's Day, and with it, I'm sure, a lot of mixed feelings.  Some people don't have the best relationship with their mothers or may not even know who their mother is at all.  Others have wonderful, unbreakable relationships with their moms; talking everyday and sharing all the inner workings of their lives … Continue reading The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

How to Have the Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Let's talk weddings! Just like everything else in today's society, weddings are highly advertised to be the  most extravagant day of your life.  With social media and especially Pinterest, the pressure from peers to have the perfect wedding can seem daunting.  Who will have the best dress, the most expensive venue, the all out extras … Continue reading How to Have the Perfect Wedding on a Budget